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Tips From Concrete Service Professionals to Protect Your Concrete

Protecting Your Concrete From Winter  

When winter is close, it’s always great to know how to protect your concrete during this season, especially if you get a surprise snowstorm! According to concrete service professionals, taking steps to care and protect your concrete now can ensure it will survive for many years. Here are some tips on how to protect and care for your concrete during winter:

Correct De-Icing Salts

Selecting the correct de-icing salt is one of the best things you can do to protect your concrete. Even if not salting your concrete is the best way to protect it, concrete sidewalks or walkways need to be salted.

Take care of choosing de-icing salts. Don’t buy them when it contains ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, calcium or sodium chloride. Not only are these chemicals very damaging to your concrete, but they’re also even harmful to the surrounding plants and can be very harmful to you.

With Potassium and Magnesium chloride, they are less damaging and are gentler to your skin, concrete, and surrounding plants. Also, try mixing sand with de-icing salts to provide better traction.

Remove Snow Right Away

Remove the snow from your walkways as soon as possible. If they melt on concrete in the day, concrete will absorb the moisture that will freeze and expand when the temperature drops in the evening. This may lead to structural damage and cracks. Try removing all that snow as fast as you can to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Spring Cleaning

When winter passes, snow is gone and the temperature rises, so it’s best to give your garden a good wash with clean water. Washing your concrete in the spring can help wash away any leftover de-icing salt; a simple task that can help protect your concrete. Having a clean and new looking concrete is just a bonus.

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